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Presentations by some of the most inspiring people in the tech and entrepreneurship world

Ariya Banomyong
Managing Director, LINE Thailand

Ariya Banomyong joined LINE Thailand in October 2015 as the territory’s first Managing Director. His responsibilities include overseeing business strategies and operations for LINE in Thailand, setting up new ventures, and developing leadership teams. And, in addition to enhancing business opportunities for LINE Thailand, Ariya is also active in building the start-up community and ecosystem in general in Thailand. With 18 years of international experience in technology and mobile, Ariya has a track record of strong leadership and extensive knowledge of the industry. Prior to joining LINE, Ariya was the first Country Head of Google Thailand, where he was responsible for sales and business development. He also served as the Chief Commercial Officer at True Corporation, Thailand’s leading telecom, where he led the company’s convergence strategy. Ariya holds two Master's degrees – one in Mathematics and IT from the University of Marne-La-Vallée in France, and the other in Management from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. He also speaks four languages – Thai, English, French and German.

Richard Lester
Associate Provost, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Richard Lester is the Japan Steel Industry Professor and Associate Provost at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he oversees the international activities of the Institute. From 2009 to 2015 he served as head of MIT’s Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, leading the Department successfully through a period of rapid rebuilding and strategic renewal.

Professor Lester’s research is concerned with innovation strategy and management, with a frequent focus on the energy and manufacturing sectors. He is widely known for his work on local, regional, and national systems of innovation, and he has led major studies of national and regional competitiveness and innovation performance commissioned by governments and industry groups around the world. He is the founding director and faculty chair of the MIT Industrial Performance Center. Professor Lester’s research is concerned with innovation strategy and management, with a frequent focus on the energy and manufacturing sectors. He is widely known for his work on local, regional, and national systems of innovation, and he has led major studies of national and regional competitiveness and innovation performance commissioned by governments and industry groups around the world. He is the founding director and faculty chair of the MIT Industrial Performance Center.

Professor Lester’s latest book, Unlocking Energy Innovation: How America Can Build a Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Energy System (written with David Hart), outlines a strategy for mobilizing America’s innovation resources in support of a decades-long transition to an affordable and reliable low-carbon global energy system. Professor Lester is also the author or co-author of seven other books, including: The Productive Edge: A New Strategy for Economic Growth; Innovation—The Missing Dimension (with Michael Piore); Making Technology Work: Applications in Energy and the Environment (with John Deutch); Made in America: Regaining the Productive Edge (with Michael Dertouzos and Robert Solow); and Radioactive Waste: Management and Regulation (with Mason Willrich.).

Professor Lester obtained his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Imperial College and earned his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from MIT. He has been a member of the MIT faculty since 1979. He is an advisor to governments, corporations, foundations and non-profit groups, and he serves as chair of the National Academies’ Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy.


Tiranee Achalakul
Lecturer, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi

Dr. Achalakul works in the fields of data analytics, high performance computing and software development since 2000. She has extended experiences working in IT industry and academia in both the United States and Thailand with two published textbooks and multiple journal and conference papers. During the past 14 years, Dr. Achalakul has been participating in many data analytics and software development projects in both private and public sectors and has served on an advisory board for multiple government agencies. Consulting experiences ranges from the design of data methodologies, software system, to computing infrastructure. She has also served as a committee of the National e-Science Infrastructure Consortium of Thailand.

Chanikarn Wongviriyawong
Founder, EATLAB

Chanikarn or Mint is a faculty member at King Mongkut University of Technology (KMUTT) at Thonburi, pioneering quantification of grit, happiness, and cognition. She founded EATLAB as a spinout from KMUTT. EATLAB is the first company in the world to serve leading food and beverage production companies by scientifically measuring consumer response to their new products. She serves on various committee such as Science, Technology and Innovation reform; and provide consultancy to various agencies about innovation, data analytics, affective and cognitive modeling, and commonsense artificial intelligence. Prior to joining KMUTT, Chanikarn was a quantitative researcher at WorldQuant, and co-founded a social enterprise, Matternet, as a part of her participation at Singularity University program. Matternet is a drone delivery network now partnering with Mercedes-Benz, and WHO. Chanikarn received her academic training in Mechanical Engineering. She graduated from MIT with a doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Political Science, master degree from MIT Media Lab, and bachelor degree from Carnegie Mellon University with double minors in Robotics and Computer Science.

Pun-Arj Chairatana
Director, National Innovation Agency, Ministry of Science and Technology

Dr. Chairatana (PAC) is Director of National Innovation Agency (NIA). Prior to this, he was founder of Noviscape Consulting Group, and co-founder and program chair for Technology and Innovation Management at Graduate School of Management and Innovation (GMI), King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). PAC is a member of the International Editorial Board of the Asian Journal of Technology Innovation (AJTI) and Associate Editorial Board for African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development (AJSTID). As futurist, he has involved with various regional scenario buildings and future exercises since the late 1990s. For example, PAC took part in consulting Vietnamese authority on Aquaculture Foresight. He facilitates various scenarios and roadmapping projects; e.g. a low carbon society in APEC, nutraceutical and automotive electronics roadmaps, a restructure of Ministry of Science and Technology, a shift in Thai lifestyle, and a future of Thailand 2020, including a management of a regional program on Mega-cities foresight in Asia. He also involves with horizon scanning network of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Korn Chatikavanij
President, Thai Fintech Association

Korn Chatikavanij is currently chairman of Thailand Democrat Party Policy Unit. Korn served as Finance Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand from 2008 to 2011. Previously, he was president and chairman of JP Morgan Securities (Thailand) from 2000 to 2004. Much of Korn Chatikavanij’s career was spent in the finance sector since his early age at SG Warburg, London. He then co-founded JF Thanakom Securities with Jardine Fleming and was its president for 11 years. After the merger of Jardine Fleming and JP Morgan, he became president and subsequently chairman of JP Morgan Securities (Thailand). He left to run for Bangkok Member of Parliament in October 2004. In December 2009, Korn Chatikavanij received “Global Finance Minister of the Year 2010” and “Asia-Pacific Finance Minister of the Year 2010” awards from the Banker (an affiliated publication of the Financial Times). Korn Chatikavanij graduated with BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from St. John’s College, University of Oxford.

Ada Chirapaisarnkul
Managing Director, TaejaiDotcom

Ada is Managing Director of TaejaiDotcom, the largest crowd-giving platform in Thailand, and concurrently serves as ChangeVentures Head of Social Impact Advisory. Prior, she was a University Lecturer and a co-founding executive director of G-Lab (Social Innovation Lab) at Thammasat University. Previously, she was a project manager at the Prime Minister’s Office, leading a multi-sectoral team to develop the first National Master Plan for Social Enterprise Development in Thailand, and later served as Deputy Secretariat of the Sub-Committee on Social Finance. In her free time, she runs Thai Young Philanthropist Network (TYPN), a community of purpose-driven professionals, whose initiatives pioneered the social investment and skill-based volunteering movements in Thailand over the past decade. Ada holds MA in International Affairs from Columbia University, MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London, and BA in Development Economics from Thammasat University. She is a Rockefeller Foundation Global Fellow on Social Innovation, Asia 21 Young Leader, One Young World Ambassador and Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum.

John Chisholm
CEO, John Chisholm Ventures

John Chisholm is CEO of John Chisholm Ventures, a San Francisco-based entrepreneurship advisory and angel investment firm. He has three decades of experience as entrepreneur, CEO, and investor. A pioneer in online marketing research, in 1992 he founded and served as CEO/Chairman of Decisive Technology (now part of Google), publisher of the first desktop and client-server software for online surveys. In 1997 he founded and served as CEO/Chairman of CustomerSat (now part of Confirmit), a leading provider of enterprise feedback management systems. He is a trustee of MIT, past president and chair of the worldwide MIT Alumni Association, and a trustee of the Santa Fe Institute. He serves on the visiting committee of the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society, and previously served on the Market Research Council of the Association for Interactive Media. He is author or co-author of two US patents, and of the Amazon best seller, Unleash Your Inner Company: Use Passion and Perseverance to Build Your Ideal Business (Greenleaf, 2015). He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. An avid mountain climber, he has summited Mounts Rainier, Shasta, Whitney, St. Helens and a live volcano in Chile.

Peetachai Dejkraisak
Co-founder and CEO, Siam Organic Co., Ltd.

Neil is a CEO and co-founder of Siam Organic Co., Ltd, a social enterprise that was established with a mission to alleviate the problem of poverty among Thai farmers. Founded in 2011, Siam Organic solves the problem of farmers poverty through innovative organic products with a global appeal under the brand Jasberry®. Siam Organic currently works with over 1,000 small-scale farmers households in the Northeastern part of Thailand helping them to increase their income by several folds. Neil is a former investment banker from Capital Nomura Securities PCL. He holds a MBA degree from Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University, with Exchange program at Kellogg School of Management, and Dual Bachelor Degree on Environmental Engineering & Economics from University of Melbourne.

Noppadol Dej-Udom
Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee, True Corporation

Mr. Noppadol is currently the SCG Vice Chairman and Chief Sustainability Officer of CP Group and the Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of True. He has played an important role in raising the bar of CP Group’s sustainability. Prior to these positions, he was True’s Deputy CEO for Corporate Development and Group CFO. Under his leadership, Thailand’s first and largest telecommunications infrastructure fund was established. He also received the 2015/2016 Best CFO Awards in technology category from IAA and was selected as the Best CFO from FinanceAsia.

He received his Master Degree in Business Administration from Sasin Graduates Institute of Business Administration and Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA.

Anna Douglas
Co-founder and CEO, SkyNano

Anna Douglas is a scientist-entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of SkyNano, LLC. She is a Ph.D. student in interdisciplinary material science at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. As a National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellow since 2015, she has primarily focused her studies on next-generation batteries for electrochemical energy storage, and has developed the growth of high quality carbon nanotubes from ambient carbon dioxide, which is the basis for her startup company SkyNano. Anna is passionate about the promise of nanotechnology for next-gen energy generation and storage technologies, and currently works full time on her SkyNano venture through the Innovation Crossroads program at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Nithima Ducrocq
Co-founder and COO, YesMom

Nithima has been working with early stage startups for the past 3 years, being product owner and facilitating workshops using human-centered design. She is now co-founder of yesmom, an healthtech startup that aims at empowering women to take better healthcare decisions. Breaking taboos about sexual and reproductive health, yesmom already deliver personalized and trusted medical insights for thousands of women and is currently developing an AI assisted, virtual consultation service with healthcare professionals. Nithima has always been interested in social impact, first working with NGOs and international organizations, and then turning to innovation and tech, where she believes she can reach people better.

Peter du Pont
Clean Energy Advisor and Associate, Stockholm Environment Institute

Peter du Pont is based in Bangkok and has more than 30 years’ experience developing sustainable energy and climate programs in the U.S. and Asia. He has carried out assignments related to the design, implementation, and evaluation of clean energy policy and plans, energy finance, and climate change programs. He has worked in a variety of roles consulting and managing for non-profit and private consultancies and development agencies, with a focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, finance and market incentives, and climate change. He has a masters degree in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy from the University of Delaware.

Todd Glickman
Senior Director, MIT Corporate Relations

Todd Glickman is Senior Director of MIT Corporate Relations that operates the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) and MIT Startup Exchange. He is responsible for strategic oversight and operations for much of the office’s activity across most of Asia, as well as aerospace/defense and related organizations in the US. Before joining the staff of MIT in 2000, Mr. Glickman was Assistant Executive Director of the American Meteorological Society from 1993-2000, and previously held a variety of management positions in the private sector. Mr. Glickman holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences from MIT, and the Executive MBA from Suffolk University.

John Grant
Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

John Grant is a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. His focus is the intersection of the domains of strategy, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. As a practitioner faculty in Action Learning courses at MIT Sloan, he mentors MBA teams working with Sponsor organizations, with particular focus in China, India and Southeast Asia. Mr. Grant’s management career was in global strategy consulting. He also has been a member of startup teams for new ventures in healthcare, energy services, and biotechnology, either as chief operating officer or chief financial officer. Mr. Grant holds degrees from the U. of Washington and MIT.

Paul Apivat Hanvongse
Co-founder and Head of Education, LEARNx

Paul was previous the co-founder of LEARNx, a platform that helps Thais communicate in English with confidence, accelerating their growth, development and careers – at scale. He’s currently an advisor to Learn Corpration (parent company to LEARNx) and an independent consultant/researcher focusing on organizational transformation and technology. Paul is also an adjunct lecturer at the Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship (GSSE) Bachelors of Arts program at Thammasat University where he’s growing future social change leaders for a more equitable world. Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Thammasat University; a Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Tulsa, and a Doctorate in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

Kit Hickey
Entrepreneur in Residence, MIT Martin Trust Center and Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

Kit Hickey is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and a Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management. Kit is co-founder of Ministry of Supply, which is a pioneer in fashion’s performance-professional category. The company uses technology and advanced manufacturing to reinvent what people wear to work. Ministry of Supply has been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal and on the TODAY Show. While at the company, Kit led and build out numerous high performing teams, including Customer, Revenue, E-Commerce and Retail. As Chief Retail Officer, Kit spearheaded the company’s expansion into retail, opened 10 stores, managed a team of 50 and conceptualized and developed the company’s revolutionary 3-D print-knit experience. In this innovative store experience, customers could design and create blazers on demand, which are then 3D printed in the retail store, changing the conversation on traditional retail supply chain, manufacturing, sustainability and customer experience. Prior to Ministry of Supply, Kit started a nonprofit which helped entrepreneurs in emerging markets gain access to financing. The nonprofit merged with BiD Network, a Netherlands-based company with a similar mission. Before that, she worked in investment banking, where she advised early-stage companies raise Series A and Series B funding. Kit teaches two to three entrepreneurship classes per year at MIT. She is the lead instructor for the Building an Entrepreneurial Venture: Advanced Tools and Techniques, one of the most advanced classes offered for entrepreneurial teams. She also teaches Dilemmas in Founding New Ventures, which she designed to teach students who will start or join startups about the people issues and organizational challenges that innovative entrepreneurial ventures face.

Chris Howard
CEO, Libboo.com

Chris is a prolific builder and founder of projects and businesses that aim to push boundaries in both entrepreneurship and the creative industries. Having tried and failed at half a dozen 'traditional' careers - including being a professional chef, a music producer, a 'professional cyclist' and even a spy - Chris first embraced true entrepreneurship at MIT by creating the world's first crowd-sourced science novel with the goal of encouraging more young people into STEM and founding the celebrated venture-backed company, Libboo.com. Several high-profile start-ups later and a short tenure as the Head Teaching Fellow of Harvard University, Chris now resides in London as the Founder of We Are Optimists - the UK's leading 'Entrepreneurs for Hire' network, and the Entrepreneur in Residence at Techstars and University College London, supporting high-impact Scale-Up CEOs achieve their goals in a demanding and competitive world.

Christian Huder
Founder, innergy.berlin

Christian founded innergy.berlin in 2013 which is a consultancy specialized in innovation management in the field of energy, clean tech and digitalization. His preferred method to bring innovation to life is building start-ups, whose development he is supporting in many ways. Among them are company builder activities, jury and mentor roles in many accelerators and start-up competitions, as well as corporate start-up collaboration and ecosystem development. He furthermore helps start-ups to receive financing and acts as an angel investor. Together with DENA he is currently bringing the second edition of the global Start Up Energy Transition Award to life. Beyond that, his recent main project has been building the innogy Innovation Hub in Berlin as well as scouting and investing in early stage startups. His current passion is the Token Economy, because blockchain based tokens are enabling whole new business models and incentive architectures, that can be a crucial building block towards a sustainable economy that we need in order to prevent climate change happening.

Travis Hunter
Program Manager, MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

Travis joined MIT in 2016 to support the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (MIT REAP). MIT REAP works with up to 8 regions annually on strategies to support innovation-driven entrepreneurship (IDE). Travis was previously the Director of the Quincy Center for Innovation (QCI), where he expanded the program to support over 50 startups spanning 16 industries. During this time at the QCI, Travis oversaw partnerships with private and public organizations, expanded programming, and brought together funding opportunities for incubated startup companies. Travis also has a strong personal interest in real estate development and sustainability.

Jiraporn Laothamatas
Director of Advanced Medical Imaging Center, Ramathibodi Hospital of Mahidol University

Dr. Jiraporn Laothamatas is the Director of Advanced Medical Imaging Center at Ramathibodi Hospital of Mahidol University. She is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist and physician-scientist. Her most recent work includes innovative ways of detecting neurologic changes and chronic traumatic injuries through radiographic imaging in the pediatric population, particularly child boxers. Dr. Laothamatas received her MD from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand with honors in 1981, and pursued Neuroradiology Fellowship at Hahnemann University Hospital, Pennsylvania in the US in 1990.

Pita Limjaroenrat
Executive Director, Grab Thailand

Pita Limjaroenrat has been the Executive Director of Grab Thailand since October 2017. He is primarily responsible for providing strategic guidance in leveraging business efficiency and strong collaboration with all relevant stakeholders with the goal to bring betterment to the community of driver-partners, passengers as well as to society. He also serves as managing director/ Co-Founder of CEO Agrifood Co., Ltd., the third largest rice bran oil producer in ASEAN. At the age of only 25, he became a successful tycoon who had turned the family business after his father's death. He was awarded APEA Entrepreneur of the year 2015 for Thailand. Prior to joining Grab Thailand, Pita had a wide range of public private partnership experiences. On public sector, he served as National Economic Development officer under Dr. Suvit Maecinsee, Minister of Prime Minister's office in 2006, Assistant to the Thai Government’s Foreign Affairs Committee from 2013 – 2014 and an Advisor to the Industry Minister from 2012 – 2013. On private sector, He worked at Merrill Lynch Phatra and Boston Consulting Group. Pita graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Thammasat University in 2005. In 2012 he concurrently earned a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Apart from being a successful businessman,Tim also enjoys Thai boxing, Oil painting, and photography as well as spending his free time with his wife and young daughter. 

Jun Lin
Director of Business Development and Business Intelligence, 17zuoye.com

Jun Lin is in charge of Business Development and Business Intelligence at 17zuoye.com (a.k.a Homework Together), the largest online homework platform, also a unicorn company for K12 students in China. Jun has 3 years of experience with China market expansion and partnership strategies in EdTech field. Jun is also a Global Shaper under World Economic Forum, where she takes part in different projects to create positive social impact. Jun receives her education from the London School of Economics and has prior experience in management consulting and building startups of her own.

Ketan Makwana
Founder and CEO, Enterprise Lab

Ketan Makwana is a renowned international & TEDx Speaker, serial entrepreneur, author and mentor that has started, scaled a sold multiple businesses in the last 7 years. Ketan launched Enterprise Lab in 2011 which has evolved into an award winning disruptive agency supporting businesses to engage ideation, innovation and leadership through auditing, consultancy and training; since launching Enterprise Lab having served 500,000 people across the world. In 2012 Ketan founded and delivered Youth Enterprise Live the UK’s largest event focussed on Education, Employment and Enterprise for 15-30 year olds… leading on from this took a position as Special Advisor to the former Prime Minster (David Cameron) on Youth Policy. Ketan is an advisor to UK & International Governments/Ministries on Enterprise Eco-System Development; he sits on many advisory boards and panels including the British Council and is an ambassador of UKTI and Foreign & Commonwealth Offices related to Enterprise development in countries across the globe.

Wicharn Manawanitjarern
Co-founder and CEO, Taamkru

Wicharn is the CEO and co-founder of Taamkru, Thailand’s leading EdTech company, which won the e27 Echelon’s 2014 Most Promising Startup award. Taamkru offers a variety of education applications catering to students of all ages, parents, and schools. Every year, Taamkru products have enhanced academic performance of hundreds of thousands of students, improved operational efficiency of thousands of teachers, and given parents and school management access to in-depth students analytical data they never thought possible. Prior to Taamkru, Wicharn has co-founded Haamor.com, #1 healthcare portal of Thailand, serving the daily needs on medical information of millions of Thai people. Wicharn holds an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird and a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BA in Economics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Benedetto Marelli
Professor, MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Benedetto Marelli is the Paul M. Cook Career Development Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research group works in the area of structural biopolymers and self-assembly with applications in agriculture, food safety and food security. By combining biofabrication strategies with bioinspired materials, Benedetto’s research aims at using Nature’s building blocks as advanced materials to liaise the biotic and abiotic worlds and to build a sustainable future. Benedetto’s research interests include synthesis, extraction and assembly of structural biopolymers, biocomposites, additive manufacturing, and emerging technologies.

Sarah Jane Maxted
Executive Director, MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

Sarah Jane Maxted accelerates innovation ecosystems whether it is within an institution or in the community, a broader region, or globally. This is clearly highlighted by her current position leading the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (MIT REAP) where she fosters innovation and entrepreneurial (I&E) growth strategies for regions globally. Her responsibilities at MIT also include being a Director in the MIT Office of International Programs as well as mentoring and evaluating start-ups, and serving on several I&E boards across the institute. Of note, she launched the inaugural MIT Innovation Ecosystem Symposium. Originally from Colorado, she went to Duke University where she double majored in Policy and Cultural Anthropology; Minor in Dance. She has also spent significant time in Washington, D.C. working for President Obama’s Administration.

Nick Meyer
Entrepreneur in Residence, MIT Martin Trust Center

Nick Meyer is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship where he mentors students. Nick has spent his career founding startups and been product or engineering lead for software companies in industries as diverse as social, video, travel, music, and gaming. While still in high school, Nick co-founded the MMOG (multi-player massive online game) Kings of Chaos, which saw hundreds of thousands of players daily. During his one year at MIT, Nick founded Reble.FM, a peer-to-peer streaming music service that was partially funded through Y Combinator and was acquired by Playlist.com three years later. He then co-founded MileWise in 2009, a travel metasearch engine, where his roles included UI design, PR and marketing, and fundraising, until the company was acquired by Yahoo! in 2013. His most recent company was Sup, a mobile video app that was funded by Khosla Ventures. Nick is an IASI certified ski instructor and coach and a PADI certified scuba instructor.

Helene Michel
Professor of Innovation Management, Grenoble Ecole de Management

Hélène Michel is a professor of Innovation Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management (France). She is also a game designer. Her research work is focused on the use of games to support innovation and inspire entrepreneurship. She developed several serious games (Tech it!, Superwisor, Game of Deans) and gamified innovation methods (Cubification) that are now used by companies, international organizations such as United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and higher educational institutions. The games she develops have an international recognition (MBA Innovation and Re-Imagine Education Awards). Prof. Michel never moves without her Rubik's cube!

Lesley Millar-Nicholson
Director, MIT Technology Licensing Office

Lesley Millar-Nicholson has been the Director of MIT Technology Licensing Office (TLO) since July 2016. She leads a team of professional staff managing the intellectual assets and tech transfer process for MIT’s inventions. Located in Kendall Square the TLO is responsible for engagement with faculty, staff and students and for the efficient and effective transfer of IP into the market place to ensure impact in society. Working with MIT startup companies, VC’s and corporate partners the team manage around 800 inventions a year from the MIT and Lincoln Lab campuses. Prior to arriving in Cambridge Ms. Millar-Nicholson had served for ten years as Director of the Office of Technology Management (OTM) at the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign. Ms. Millar-Nicholson is the 2017 President of the Board of Governors of Certified Licensing Professionals Inc, (CLP Inc.) an active member of AUTM and the Licensing Executive Society. A native of Scotland, Ms. Millar-Nicholson has a B.Ed., M.Ed, MBA and is a Certified Licensing Professional.

Megan Mitchell
Fellowship and Student Programs Manager, MIT Legatum Center

Megan Mitchell is the Fellowship and Student Programs Manager for the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship. Prior to joining MIT in January of 2017, Megan managed UBS Americas’ Elevating Entrepreneurs initiative, a portfolio of philanthropic partnerships and programs focused on driving toward a more inclusive entrepreneurial landscape. This included Project Entrepreneur, a collaboration with Rent the Runway Foundation to increase the pipeline of women building economically impactful companies. Prior to UBS, Megan oversaw co-curricular and experiential learning activities for Wharton Entrepreneurship, including the annual business plan competition and global internship program. She also served as a member of the Venture Initiation Program management team, and led development of the department’s venture development programs at the school’s San Francisco campus. Megan holds a BA in Economics and Public Policy Studies from Duke University and a MSEd from University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.

Reinaldo Normand
Entrepreneur in Residence, MIT Legatum Center

Reinaldo Normand is an Entrepeneur in Residence at the Martin Trust Center and the Legatum Center at the MIT. Reinaldo has extensive experience in founding and running bootstrapped and venture-backed gaming and consumer internet startups in the United States, China and Brazil, and has raised over $60 million in venture capital. Reinaldo has created the world’s first wireless game console, Zeebo, and has been featured in media outlets such as NBC, Business Week, Reuters and others. He has 2 exits and a lot of scars under his belt. Reinaldo has invested and advised 30+ tech startups around the world and has written 3 books about disruptive technologies (www.innovation2.co) and entrepreneurship (siliconvalleybook.com). Reinaldo holds a BSc in Computer Information Systems, a MBA and speaks four languages.

Rohan Pasari
Co-founder and CEO, Cialfo

Rohan is the co-founder and CEO of Cialfo, a college guidance platform. He co-founded Cialfo with the vision to help 1 million students globally reach their dream colleges by 2020. Cialfo's college guidance platform is his second venture, his first, an college education consultancy, was acquired by ChangedEDU, an education private equity group, backed by Verlinvest, a Belgian family office. Cialfo has been named the winner of EdTechX Asia awards, named among the top 5 startups to watch in 2017 and been featured in CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Straits Times, Sohu, Times of India to name a few. Rohan is a double Gold Medalist from Nanyang Technological University with a background in Engineering, Economics and Entrepreneurship. He is also a member of International Association for College Admission Counselling (IACAC), HECA and has been invited to speaks at various conferences such as Echelon, EdTech Asia, EdTechX, GET summits. When he is not thinking about education, he is either painting or diving off boats to be with the underwater world.

Dipul Patel
Entrepreneur in Residence, MIT Martin Trust Center

Dip is an an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. Prior to MIT, Dip co-founded and sold Ecovent, the only intelligent home zoning system that delivers complete room-by-room climate control through easy-to-install, self-configuring sensors and vents. Dip devised the idea of Ecovent and launched the company in 2013, while earning his MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management. Over the course of 5 years Ecovent went from idea to suscessful product launch! Prior to that Dip spent eight years at Lockheed Martin working in engineering, program management, and sales for its radar, electronic warfare, submarine and ballistic missile defense programs. In addition to his MBA, he received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and his Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Dip lives near the water with his awesome wife Sandy and dog Pi, you can find his place by following the scent of delicious barbeque.

Trairak Pisitkun
Director, Center of Excellence in Systems Biology, Chulalongkorn University

Trairak Pisitkun is a physician-scientist who is now directing a biomedical research team at the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. He is also a volunteer scientist at the National Institutes of Health, USA. His interest is in the application of systems biology approaches using proteomics, next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, and advanced antibody technology to address unmet needs in clinical medicine, especially in the cutting edge treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease. His current projects include the development of personalized cancer vaccine, the generation of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for cancer immunotherapy, and an initiative to sequence whole genomes of Thai population for delivering future precision medicine.

Twarath Sutabutr
Director General of Energy Policy and Planning Office, Thailand Ministry of Energy

Dr. Twarath Sutabutr is Director-General of Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) since July 2015. He has experiences in a wide range of energy policy coordination and initiatives such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and international energy cooperation. His other current positions include Board of Directors of PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited and Advisor to the Board of Directors of Thai Green Building Institutes. Prior to joining EPPO, he served as Deputy Permanent Secretary and Deputy Director-General of Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency. Moreover, when he served as Director of Policy and Strategy Coordination Office, he assumed parts of the work with National Economic and Social Development Board in energy infrastructure development planning and involved in liberalization of electricity and natural gas sectors. Dr. Twarath holds Sc.D. in Civil and Environment Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, Master of Geotechnical Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Tracy Tan
Director of MITx MicroMasters, MIT Open Learning

Tracy Tan is the Director of MicroMasters at MIT Open Learning. She drives the development and growth of the MicroMasters programs offered and helps shape and build MITx MicroMasters global ecosystem, including strategic engagement with partner universities, collaborating companies, and MicroMasters learners. Tracy has spent almost all her career in higher education. In her previous job, she managed a portion of the global portfolio at Harvard Business School Executive Education. She also managed educational programs and large events at Emerson College and Wheelock Collage. Prior to coming to the US, Tracy taught management classes at a Chinese University. Tracy has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Management.

Anthony Vanky
Lecturer, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Anthony Vanky, Ph.D. is a lecturer in Urban Design and Planning at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He also currently serves as the programs director for MIT designX, the academic platform dedicated to advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in design, cities and the human environment. Until recently, Anthony was also a project lead at the MIT Senseable City Lab. He also served as the Lab’s partner and outreach strategist, where he connected companies’ and governments’ interests in smart cities to the research of the Lab and MIT. Further, Anthony’s own research considers the use of digital data and pervasive sensing technologies in designing, planning and evaluating urban environments, and spans the disciplines of urban design, urban technologies, innovation studies, and public health.

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