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Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala and the most populous city in Central America. It is divided into 22 zones.


Areas of Interest


The historic heart of the city, sites include the Museos de Guatemala, the Centro Histórico, the Paseo de la Sexta Avenida, the National Palace of Culture, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Mercado Central (central market), the Biblioteca Nacional (national library), the Teatro Abril, the Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias, and the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orthodox Orphanage.


National Palace


Financial district, zone ten also houses high end art, shopping, entertainment and culinary culture. Of particular note is the ‘Zona Viva’ entertainment district.  Zone 10 is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, and also is home to UFM and the 2015 GSW conference.


Zone 10 at night


Zone 16 is home to the ‘Paseo Cayalá’, a gorgeous and modern shopping and entertainment district. Featuring over 60 acres of bars, restaurants, and shops, this district is settled between two large ecological reserves which provide a beautiful natural backdrop to this unique landmark.

Paseo Cayalá


How do I get there?

The Amarillo Express taxi services is recommended for traveling around the city:

Call Taxi Amarillo Express at (+502) 2470-1515.  DO NOT TAKE WHITE CABS.


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