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We are proud to announce our Showcase Companies for GSW 2013!

Raja systems

Like A Local Guide


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Using real time weather data and load prediction using historical data provides a cost effective control system that manages energy from generation to usage. Apart from lowering operating costs, their systems reduce upfront capital costs, making electricity more affordable in off-grid locations worldwide.


Upsteem_logo-1 is the networking platform for talent management and goal execution. We help to build, maintain and develop teams.

A SaaS corporate social network solution (intranet and extranet) with additional professional services for talent and performance management and customer feedback. We make talent- and performance management tools available for small & medium-sized organizations bringing value to personal users at the same time.


Our software product consists of: 1) Social intranet and data consolidation through projects and groups (intranet and extranet functions) 2) Customizable HR & TM survey- and analytical tools online 3) Internal/external marketing newsletters 4) Online client feedback via mobile phones 5) Goal alignment and performance planning. Additional services: consulting and training for change management and system implementation.


First clients in Estonia and Finland. At the moment seeking opportunities to grow global. Looking for partners to help us expand, raising funds to wrap up development and to acquire a global marketing team.


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Like A Local Guide


Skip the tourist traps. Explore like a local.

Available in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Helsinki, Tartu & Pärnu

Tips from real locals

Like A Local Guide is all about finding those cool and hidden spots that locals like to hang out at and skipping the tourist traps. All our content is created by selected locals who’ve lived in their city for years and really know what they’re talking about.

Smart stream

Our real-time stream shows you the places that are open and available near you wherever and whenever yo’ure browsing. So no nightclubs during the day and no museums in the middle of the night. Of course you can also use the traditional menu to browse locations.

100% offline maps

No more roaming charges during your travels – our travel app works completely offline, including the maps. Just download the content and start exploring your destination. Your location is shown on the map and internet is not needed.


Founder2be_Logo_large_transparent – Find a co-founder. Start or join a startup.


Founder2be is meets LinkedIn for co-founders. We bring the power of online dating to entrepreneurship. Over 12,000 developers, designers, marketers, sales geniuses, product managers and advisors are connecting already to start and join the world’s best startups.

Talent, creativity, funding

Everybody knows something. Nobody knows everything. Finding the right co-founder is key. Our co-founders come from Apple, Google, small startups, and some even skipped college to pursue their dreams. With thousands of ideas and over USD 50M in peer funding, anything is possible.

Global success stories

We have already successfully matched teams in Europe, Australia and the U.S. with some even getting into TechStars. What are you waiting for? Sign-up at!




Hekk: “You can backflip with it.”


What the heck is Hekk? It’s an Estonian designed-and-built mobile waterpipe, which sits snugly in a specially-designed wooden box.


The idea for Hekk came from the Estonian predisposition for outdoor activities in all seasons. In summer there are things to do on the beach, barbeques to be had; in winter the snowboard comes out. The smoking of waterpipes (also known as hookah pipes) is an integral part of Estonian sauna-party culture, a completely legal and social party relaxant. The problem with parties, though, is that damage can happen easily, particularly with a heavy glass pipe that has hot coal sitting on top. The solution: package it all up.


The genius in the design is that, when the pipe is moved around or even inverted, it does not dislodge the coal. Rather, it shakes up the pipe, actually creating an improvement in the quality of smoke. The bottle is almost unbreakable, made as it is from tough-but-light aluminium.


“Once you try snowboarding with a waterpipe, you realise how amazing it is,” Indrek enthuses. His intelligence and passion for his project shines through, especially since he is also studying to become an engineer at Tallinn Technological University (TTÜ). He has already seen orders fly in for Hekks, which are made entirely to order and are individually woodstained to requirements, before being given a serial number (Indrek has number one).

The whole thing costs €75.00, and seems well worth splashing out on. It’s built as sturdily as a tank, is light enough to throw in a backpack, and is remarkably compact. Many people did not know they wanted an MP3 player until the first iPod came along. I certainly didn’t think I wanted a waterpipe until I saw Hekk. It’s as desirable to look at as any gadget I have seen – and will impress anyone who enjoys using a waterpipe at parties.


Visit us at is a global network of European innovation organisations bringing together state-of-the-art professional competences and experiences from the worlds of practice and research in the area of urban development, governance and climate change.

Operating via nodes in global innovation activity, actively identifies new openings for business and research organisations and supports their internationalisation. It connects international experts and the know-how required to promote innovation and policy experimentation.

Our working parties are dedicated to develop innovative projects and cross-country collaborations which apply scientific knowledge and methods to make cities climate change proof and to solve climate change related transformations. We and our partners embrace and encourage a global perspective on the promotion and development of collaboration and project based activities in Europe and around the world.

Our Advantage:

Global reach and delivery

The flexibility to create solutions that work for our clients

World-class alliances and partnerships

A methodology and delivery partners that employ the highest levels of security

Diego Navarra (founder and director of the studio) organised the first European workshop on the Use of 3D City Models for Sustainable Urban Governance at the Delft University of Technology (City of Delft, The Netherlands) in 2011.

We work with governments, private sector companies and universities seeking to improve their climate change awareness, preparedness, urban liveability and sustainability in their real estate, programmes, organisational and team building practices with inter-disciplinary projects, trainings, technological innovation and international best practice.

Fellow workshop attendees, including potential customers and investors can contact us at to receive further information about our products and services as well as how to collaborate with us.