Global BPC Showcase

– A contest for winners of previous business plan contests

“You could definitely say that GSW was a turning point for us and E-POL! Personally, getting to know all those entrepreneurs in Istanbul and share their vision was an “external approval” for our desire to open a business. For our project, all the feedback we got was really important so we could develop a lot in a short period of time. The Masschallenge opportunity was something even more extraordinary, and we would not consider it if not for GSW. Our four month experience at the MassChallenge office in Boston was unique, in every possible way! Further at the GSW we met a future mentor and many supporters and friends.”
– Fernanda Rocha Vidal, Co-Founder of E-Pol (formerly Bio-fiend), winning team from MIT GSW 2012

What is the BPC Showcase?

The MIT Global Startup Workshop started 15 years ago as an offshoot of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship competition to disseminate crucial ideas behind the success of MIT 100k model. In the spirit of our key role in Business Plan Competitions (BPCs), we are hosting our second annual Global Business Plan Competition Showcase and inviting the winners of the top BPCs in the world to showcase their ideas and pitch against each other. This is a business plan competition for winners and as such the standard of the competition will be very high.

Who is it for?

If you are a winner of a BPC, apply to us. If you are an organizer of a BPC, you may choose to send the winner of your competition or a team of your choice to apply for a chance to present at the Global BPC showcase. In addition, we would like to invite you, the BPC organizer, to join us at the MIT GSW 2013. Among many other benefits, this will be a great opportunity to promote your competition to learn about the experiences of organizers of some of the other top BPCs around the world.

Prize and Benefits

We are pleased to continue our partnership with MassChallenge, a Boston based high impact early-stage startup accelerator that provides the resources they need to launch high-growth, high-impact businesses immediately. The winner of the 2013 Global BPC Showcase in Estonia will receive a cash prize as seed money and would be accelerated in to the higher rounds of the MassChallenge interview process.

All participants gain:

  • Increased visibility to potential investors and partners who will be present at the GSW.
  • Access to the MIT GSW global alumni network.
  • Hear about the top venture ideas around the world.

The competition

The GSW BPC Showcase competition in 2013 will involve two rounds, each with a 10 slide, 5 minute pitch of the business plan followed by 5 minutes of questions by veteran investors and/or entrepreneurs. You must describe the problem you’re solving, the value creation opportunity, the potential market, the competition, the barriers to entry, the economic feasibility of your plan, display prototypes (if any) and describe your progress to date. There will be two rounds of competition at the GSW. A feedback session will happen in between the two rounds after which time the teams will have a day to modify their pitches. A fraction of the teams will be chosen as finalists based on your performance in round 1 and incorporation of judges’ feedback. The final showdown will be followed by an award ceremony at the closing gala at which time the MassChallenge prize winner will be announced.

Join us to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs!


Entries must contain:

  1. Youtube video link to a demo of product or service (less than 5 minutes) of your winning idea.
  2. An executive summary (Max 2 pages)
  3. A complete business plan (Max 10 pages)
  4. Your team’s contact details.


Please fill the following form to apply for BPC Showcase:


Global BPC Showcase Application

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